Everyday’s a Good Day With Your Paint

A friend drove over in the sleety snow yesterday to hang out with me and Ken. We daydreamed aloud about winning the Powerball, stopped by the diner for some second dinner, and then watched a few episodes of The Joy of Painting.

Even in 1984 video quality and 1970s attire, Bob Ross remains refreshing. He takes on many roles in the show: art instructor, entertainer, therapist, life coach, and soul soother. The Joy of Painting stands for so much of what’s right about making art: it’s accessible, and with a few tools, available to all. It has the capacity to heal and the ability to empower.

If you didn’t see John D. Boswell and PBS‘s remix featuring the soft-voiced man himself, check it out below. If you have seen it, enjoy the uplift in your mood from another viewing.


6 thoughts on “Everyday’s a Good Day With Your Paint

  1. Thanks for this Sarah – I was reminded that I first started painting after watching Nancy Kominski’s tv show called Paint Along With Nancy. Haha! She made it look so easy I went out and bought a set of oils! That was back in the 70s – and I’ve been hooked ever since!

    • Nancy, I’m glad you liked it. It’s amazing how TV isn’t synonymous with inactivity, since there are so many shows that inspire creativity! I’ll have to look up Paint Along With Nancy. 🙂

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