How I Finally Understood the United Kingdom

If you’re looking for a mental health break that’s mentally stimulating, check out CGP Grey’s videos of “complex things explained.” The fast pace, clear language, and entertaining visuals that characterize his work also makes their content stick. After taking a break to spend a few minutes browsing his videos, I get that fantastic sense of being better informed, and encouraged that people are creating these kinds of videos. Humanity and the Internet ftw.

Along with “What are Continents?” and “The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained,” the above video on the UK is one of my favs. 


4 thoughts on “How I Finally Understood the United Kingdom

  1. Loved this Sarah! I have many friends in the UK – the north of England – and they all write something different for their address. One puts England, another puts Great Britain, and another puts United Kingdom – though they all live within a 50-mile radius (up north). I only have to put USA – which seems almost too simple for our huge country full of infinite varieties!

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