Well, One Adventure: Southford Falls

Yesterday was the first clear day in a while. As a friend said, it’s like the Dementors have been mating most of the week. To celebrate the good weather, we took Loki to Southford Falls to catch up on some much needed exercise and get us all some fresh air.

A moment's rest, before rambunctiousness ensued.

A moment’s rest before rambunctiousness ensued.

He was as sweet and exuberant as ever, but so much to handle on the trails–loose-leash practice be damned, Loki was not bribed by dried liver nor beef! There were too many new leaves and sticks and grassy fields and piles of mud to investigate. After an hour we three piled in the car, exhausted. A good feeling for us all.

A tired dog is a happy dog, so they say. That goes double for this high energy dude.

At the falls, one tree over the lake was covered in bobbers dangling from fishing line. Christmas ornaments. I wonder how many hopeful catchers of fish saw this, said “not me,” and then joined the dozens who accidentally sacrificed their bobbers to this branchy god.

Bobbers in the branches.

Today’s been less adventurous than yesterday: green tea and omelettes for breakfast, quiet work in the morning, play in the dog park around 10, and back to work at 11. I did hear back from the library board this afternoon: they’re interested in discussing my 2D art group proposal. Hooray! I might even get to attend the next board meeting. How sweet would it be to get this off the ground?


6 thoughts on “Well, One Adventure: Southford Falls

  1. Hi Sarah, and thanks for the ‘Like’ on my blog.

    Loved your latest post about Loki, but I am a complete Border Collie nut so I couldn’t resist!

    If you enjoyed my last post, check out next weeks offering – it’s a trip I made last week with a friend of mine, in the mountains of North Wales – it goes without saying that my BC ‘Mist’ was also on the trip, as I never go to the hills without her. My wife Chris has more sense than ‘Mist’ and I put together, and naturally opted for a warm day at home 🙂

    You will be able to work out where Wales is – I just read your post “How I finally understood the United Kingdom” and I’m still laughing! How the hell you elect your President is still beyond comprehension though, at least it is to us Brits 😀

    • Hi Paul! The pictures in your post are beautiful–what an amazing landscape–I look forward to next week’s! Mist looks like such a delightful BC. We’d love to have Loki do some search and rescue training once he’s older, but for now he seems to enjoy playing hide-and-seek with us around the house and at the park. 🙂

      Haha–Yes! I do know where Wales is now. And US Presidential elections are crazy complicated, so I completely understand the confusion! CGP Grey has a video on that, too. (I’m such geeky fan of these videos! 🙂 ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUS9mM8Xbbw&list=PLqs5ohhass_QZtSkX06DmWOaEaadwmw_D&index=18

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