The After After Party

I have that pleasant post-party-hosting feeling. It’s nice to trade my usual hyper energetic wake up for a day-long, cozy weariness. We took a real Sabbath and rested most of the day: no to-do lists, no chores, no work. Okay, a bit of laundry and a few dishes, but nothing planned and necessary, nothing checkoffable. Hours, I say, hours of leisure! Guiltless hours alternating between napping and reading.

Finished Bossypants. As expected, I was both entertained and encouraged by the relatable Tina Fey, self deprecating for both humor and honesty’s sake. I can’t help my admiration for her. It feels right to move onto The Fault in Our Stars next, since John Green’s another role model (read: hero) of mine–but soon, Space Chronicles, so soon, my dear!

Decorated the apartment for the Winter Solstice party. Ken said it looks like being inside a Christmas tree.

For little Christmas gifts, cookies were lazily baked this afternoon: chocolate chip cookies with bits of candied bacon hidden inside. They taste like breakfast. 


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