$10 Per Month iPhone Experiment

Sunlight from the sunroom.

Taken from–and tweeted from–my iPhone 3 this morning. Technology is magic!

It’s time for a product endorsement (sort of!): following the tip (and instructions) from Mr. Money Moustache, I recently signed up for a $10 per month cell phone plan with Airvoice Wireless. Thanks to a friend who upgraded long ago, I have my very own iPhone 3 that takes pictures and sends text messages and makes phone calls and uses wifi–you know, like a real smart phone! (I had been using a basic flip phone since 2005. As Ken said after I made my first iPhone phone call, “Welcome to 2006.”)

So far, so good. I like that a message pops up that lists both how much was spent and how much you have left in your account after every charge. While the basic costs are astronomical compared to other plans (all phone calls start at 4 cents: 4 cents to check a 2 second voicemail!), I think I can last through the month with only $10 on the account. I mostly only text friends with iPhones, and that’s free through iMessage. No data plan for me, too, but I’m rarely away from wifi, and this is still such an upgrade: no more texting by pressing keypads to get to every third letter in the alphabet for me.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes month to month. The new gadget has already changed my habits (for the better, I think): I don’t have to lug out my laptop to quickly check my email, and I’ve been getting into Twitter through this new phone experiment (a strangely refreshingly democratic world.) Welcome to 2006 indeed!


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