3 Personal Writing Triumphs

Yes, that's the Chosen Collection in the background!

Loki enjoying a bully stick in his gigantic new bed.

1) I’ve written a guest blogpost for Hatch*, a new blog about religion, big questions, and the like. My post is personal and ranty; it’s very Millennial of me.

2) Reddit, known for harsh judgments and countless photos of adorable cats, has my first book’s first chapter in its capable, collective hands. Someone posted one critique already; I’m so grateful for the compliment sandwich, and the critical stuff in-between was more helpful than harsh. Bring it on! [Insert metallurgy metaphor here.]

3) Last week, I began a 500 words per week goal for my new adventures in fiction writing–and I exceeded it by a whopping 99 words! It’s such a minor mission, but if I can stick to it, I will have proven to myself that I can increase the difficulty level from Super Easy to Very Easy. Any easy is hard until I make a habit of it.


7 thoughts on “3 Personal Writing Triumphs

  1. Liked your guest blog, just left a comment.
    I have a target of 1500 words per week. This week reached 4000. Moral is keep target low because it feels good to reach target!
    Love your puppy. We have a two year old blue merle collie. Wonderful, wonderful friend.
    I will click to follow in the hope of reading more such as guest blog I have just read and also more photos of your marvellous mutt.

    • Thanks for the comments and advice! Exceeding a low target is really encouraging. Congrats on the 4000 words!

      Your border collie sounds delightful. Ours is almost 8 months old. He’s still such a puppy but learns quickly and is so playful, friendly, and sweet. I think we’ll end up with a great roommate once he’s fully grown. 🙂

      Thanks also for the follow. I hope to write more pieces like that one, and you can definitely expect more photos of Loki here. 🙂

      • No ‘thinks’ about it! Collie’s are special, you’ll see. Took ours out in the snow today – she went mad. What a fab. day.
        Thank you for the Follow – much appreciated, hope you enjoy my writings.
        P.S. We have two cats that Muffie (our collie) likes to round up. I haven’t the heart to tell her they’re not sheep.

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