Snowed In

Like much of New England, we’re snowed in today. Spent the morning eating an extravagant brunch with my Gram, the afternoon doing laundry and playing with the puppy, and the evening so far involves catching up with friends and family over shoveling and snow drifts. Ken and I are filled with coffee and will soon continue our Downton Abbey viewings.

In other news, Ken and I saw The Colbert Report live on Wednesday (highly recommended!), and I’ve just started writing for! My first article was on a pee-powered generator, and there’re more alternative energy related posts to come next week.

Next week will also likely involve more snow romps for Loki.


5 thoughts on “Snowed In

    • Aw, thanks! I’m very excited to start writing for them. It is really fun to research and write about things you’re interested in, and alternative energy is fascinating. 🙂

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