Planting Seeds

It may be a little late to plant seeds, but there they grow.


Cherry tomato varieties this year. More to plant when I find more egg cartons.

Ran out of agave nectar this week, but the coffee is still good just with cream.

I’ve been attending a comic art workshop across the river, and working on entries for an art contest. I finally submitted an article long overdue. (Yay!) The spouseman and I have been working overtime in a warehouse with dusty books to pay the bills. I have an editing project to busy me this weekend, and a magnolia tree brightening my window.


Loki continues to grow up into an awesome dog: quick witted and emotionally intelligent.


Had been so nostalgic for city life these past few weeks that I forgot the good things about suburban heres and nows that I’d be nostalgic for in another time. It’s been a strange nostalgia, mixed with feelings of helplessness and confusion since Monday. I hope Boston heals.


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