A Find Momentum update: People and Trees has been updated. It feels a bit refreshed.


Drawn on Wednesday, May 21, 2014.

I walk my dog. I go to work. I eat peach parfaits. Art happens on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at the Valley Center for the Arts. Video games and board games happen twice a week too. Spouse has work pouring in, sits at a desk by the window. Debts are steadily dissolving. Long ventures down the Rec Path. Listening to Welcome to Night Vale. A strangely settled, calm, and fortunate life as of late.

Attending a 5-day cartooning studio at the Center for Cartoon Studies this August. Will hop a train and head to Vermont for instruction, camaraderie, and 24-hour access to the CCS studio space and production lab. I imagine it’ll help me get out of my head, I hope, even as I take it with me.



I felt like I needed to post something today, whether or not it was good, smart, clear, or true. These photos aren’t great, but here’s a short, three-page comic I’ve been working on.


page one page two page three