Hi everyone!

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Since my last update, I’ve moved over to Twitter, have started a webcomic about dogs, and a Patreon, to boot. I really enjoyed my adventures at the Center for Cartoon Studies last year, and continue to learn as I cartoon.

Drawing Dog Park is the highlight of my day lately. Updates are every Monday, maybe more often as time goes on.

If you happen to be on Twitter, feel free to follow me! I’d be happy to follow back.


Planting Seeds

It may be a little late to plant seeds, but there they grow.


Cherry tomato varieties this year. More to plant when I find more egg cartons.

Ran out of agave nectar this week, but the coffee is still good just with cream.

I’ve been attending a comic art workshop across the river, and working on entries for an art contest. I finally submitted an article long overdue. (Yay!) The spouseman and I have been working overtime in a warehouse with dusty books to pay the bills. I have an editing project to busy me this weekend, and a magnolia tree brightening my window.


Loki continues to grow up into an awesome dog: quick witted and emotionally intelligent.


Had been so nostalgic for city life these past few weeks that I forgot the good things about suburban heres and nows that I’d be nostalgic for in another time. It’s been a strange nostalgia, mixed with feelings of helplessness and confusion since Monday. I hope Boston heals.

Into the Fog

Fighting the fog with light (and the scent of sugary figs).Dense fog outside today. It made for a treacherous morning walk with the pup, so we kept it brief and extra close to the edges. Fortunately, he’s still pretty wiped from Saturday’s dog meet up, where he romped with a few hounds and got his ass handed to him by not one, but three adorable Newfies.

Applied for an emerging writer’s scholarship last week. Finger’s crossed, and then quickly untwined to keep them typing.

This candle (made by a friend) has been staying close the past few days. Like last Monday’s coffee, it’s in a bowl. Such versatile things. (New Find Momentum subtitle: On Breakfasts and Bowls.)

Waiting for the Coffee to Kick In

Recovering from late-night partying. Sleep it out, pup.

Despite the sunshine flooding the room, everyone’s still dozing in here this morning. Traces of last night’s football watching festivities abound: crumpled fast food wrappers on the table, near empty glasses of water for guests, dog toys strewn about. Now, I’m sit at the tiny corner desk, and light snores are coming from spouse and pup alike on the other side of the room.

It’s a good time for me to get some projects done. Or, it would be. C’mon coffee, do your civic duty.

Baking Without Recipes: Bacon-flavored Sweet Potato Dog Treats

For the puppy: bacon-flavored sweet potato soft bites.Today I whipped up some dog treats for our pup, Loki, using a strategy that’s proven sometimes delicious and sometimes disastrous: baking without using a recipe. Whether out of curiosity (“I wonder what’ll happen if I add another egg…?”) or total laziness (“I don’t care how it comes out; I just want a sweet dessert-ish bread-like thing!”), it’s fun to see what happens when you combine some desired ingredients, bake at the magical 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and give it a gander after 15 minutes or so.

When baking without recipes, you sacrifice consistency (and often, success) in favor of speed and a much easier cleanup. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes, not so much. How’d it go this time?

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