I felt like I needed to post something today, whether or not it was good, smart, clear, or true. These photos aren’t great, but here’s a short, three-page comic I’ve been working on.


page one page two page three


Fake It Til You Become It

I found this TEDTalks: Life Hack episode powerful. Maybe striking a Wonder Woman pose for two minutes in private before my next interview isn’t a bad idea. Even thinking about the body-mind connection has me more relaxed, after a string of can’t-sleep-too-worried nights. I keep assuming that once my work situation betters, I’ll feel better. I should know better than that.

A friend gave me a copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain last week. I can’t wait to see how my drawings improve after I’m done with it.  I’m not usually one for accurate drawings, but I do need to learn how to do them before I can intentionally distort the way I perceive. Anatomy first, wacky later.

A sketch of my copy of the book’s cover art.

Drawings and Direwolves

While updating my art blog this morning, I found this old colored pencil scene in my sketchbook. I have no idea when I did this, but I must like it more now than I did then.

Yesterday was good in the productive and useless categories alike. Tasks on checklist accomplished–check. (Checklist made after tasks accomplished–double check.) I also indulged in some Song of Ice and Fire geekiness (prompted by Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode) and spent the evening reading fan theories. I dreamed about Westeros to boot. Refreshing to get outside myself sometimes.

Imitating the House Stark sigil from the books’ appendix. I prefer this style over the snarling severed direwolf head used in the show.