$10 Per Month iPhone Experiment

Sunlight from the sunroom.

Taken from–and tweeted from–my iPhone 3 this morning. Technology is magic!

It’s time for a product endorsement (sort of!): following the tip (and instructions) from Mr. Money Moustache, I recently signed up for a $10 per month cell phone plan with Airvoice Wireless. Thanks to a friend who upgraded long ago, I have my very own iPhone 3 that takes pictures and sends text messages and makes phone calls and uses wifi–you know, like a real smart phone! (I had been using a basic flip phone since 2005. As Ken said after I made my first iPhone phone call, “Welcome to 2006.”)

So far, so good. I like that a message pops up that lists both how much was spent and how much you have left in your account after every charge. While the basic costs are astronomical compared to other plans (all phone calls start at 4 cents: 4 cents to check a 2 second voicemail!), I think I can last through the month with only $10 on the account. I mostly only text friends with iPhones, and that’s free through iMessage. No data plan for me, too, but I’m rarely away from wifi, and this is still such an upgrade: no more texting by pressing keypads to get to every third letter in the alphabet for me.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes month to month. The new gadget has already changed my habits (for the better, I think): I don’t have to lug out my laptop to quickly check my email, and I’ve been getting into Twitter through this new phone experiment (a strangely refreshingly democratic world.) Welcome to 2006 indeed!


Full Moon

Almost saturny, don't you think?

The moon from my window.

There was a bright spot on the wall. What light is on? I fumbled around the dark bedroom looking for a flashlight or an extra glowy alarm clock with 6s, 8s, or 9s on its face. None to be found. Coming to my senses, I walked to the wall and traced the light to its origin. The window. It was the moon.

The moon’s full tonight, which I like very much in the winter. In this suburbia it takes on the role of a streetlight, offering a better spectrum than the usual dim orangey guys.

Good day today. Productive very early, the kitchen sink is clean, and I finished reading a book. Also added iPhone cases and stationery for a few paintings on my Society6 account. Ken’s adventuring in New Hampshire, while Loki and I are quietly holding the fort relaxing in the living room.

I plan on breaking my too-early-to-bed cycle tonight. I’ve caffeinated myself for a wakeful evening of editing. Let’s see how this goes!

Books for Christmas

Christmas eve afternoon, Ken and I read in the living room. Loki perched on my shoulders to watch the neighborhood.

Usually, Ken and I exchange “Christmas gifts” in November or even October. (You need a new messenger bag?–Me too–Merry Christmas.) This year, we made it all the way until Christmas eve. I gave him a copy of Lev Grossman’s The Magicians (I’ve heard it’s like a meta Harry Potter for adults–perfect, right, readers who know Ken?), and Ken got me Megan Mayhew Bergman’s Birds of a Lesser ParadiseIt looks like a lovely fictional follow-up to Amy Leach’s Things That Are, my favorite book of 2012 in the category of creative nonfiction. (The Sarah Awards–how all should cherish even being nominated!)

In other news, we now have too many Christmas cookies in our kitchen. (Best of problems.) Also, friends are coming over tonight for our weekly movie night to enjoy leftovers and the Christmas classic, Die Hard.

Onward to test my favorite non-papery Christmas gift: a hands-free dog leash!

Alone This Evening

Light inside the dark.

The string lights in our dining room.

The spouse is playing D&D at AnonyCon, so it’s just me, the pup, and the dulcet tones of Joseph Arthur coming from my feeble speakers. Spent a lovely afternoon catching up with an old friend, and then came home, greeted Loki, took care of him, quoted an editing project (hope I get it!), washed a few dishes, grabbed a cranberry ginger ale, and sat down at the littlest desk we have. So, here I am.

For an introvert that craves solitude, it’s strange to admit that I don’t really like being alone at home. The quiet that offers peace is also the quiet that my anxieties use for their own sinister purposes. Instead of indulging in stuff-it-down distraction, I’ll try to follow a friend’s advice, and let them have their say.

Peace gets to speak next though.

Puppies and Petitions

Our ridiculously photogenic dog.

Our ridiculously photogenic dog.

Lots of hopeful letters leaving our mailbox these days. I’m starting a new art group and want the library meeting room rental fee waived, so today I finished my petition to the board of directors. The petition is sealed in a fancy envelope, and was almost photographed, but I came to my senses: that’s not nearly as fun to look at as the furry dude above. 

Into the Fog

Fighting the fog with light (and the scent of sugary figs).Dense fog outside today. It made for a treacherous morning walk with the pup, so we kept it brief and extra close to the edges. Fortunately, he’s still pretty wiped from Saturday’s dog meet up, where he romped with a few hounds and got his ass handed to him by not one, but three adorable Newfies.

Applied for an emerging writer’s scholarship last week. Finger’s crossed, and then quickly untwined to keep them typing.

This candle (made by a friend) has been staying close the past few days. Like last Monday’s coffee, it’s in a bowl. Such versatile things. (New Find Momentum subtitle: On Breakfasts and Bowls.)

Three Things I Learned (or Found) Today

Today Loki learned how fascinating windows can be.

Today Loki learned how fascinating windows can be.

Humans glow in infrared. (Thanks, Minute Physics!)

I’m compelled to use Written? Kitten! even when I’m just editing and there will be no new kittens.

I found a place to sell art prints: Society6. They do all the work, and even make giclee prints! It sounds perfect. Now to find a place with a big enough scanner…