Well, One Adventure: Southford Falls

Yesterday was the first clear day in a while. As a friend said, it’s like the Dementors have been mating most of the week. To celebrate the good weather, we took Loki to Southford Falls to catch up on some much needed exercise and get us all some fresh air.

A moment's rest, before rambunctiousness ensued.

A moment’s rest before rambunctiousness ensued.

He was as sweet and exuberant as ever, but so much to handle on the trails–loose-leash practice be damned, Loki was not bribed by dried liver nor beef! There were too many new leaves and sticks and grassy fields and piles of mud to investigate. After an hour we three piled in the car, exhausted. A good feeling for us all.

A tired dog is a happy dog, so they say. That goes double for this high energy dude.

At the falls, one tree over the lake was covered in bobbers dangling from fishing line. Christmas ornaments. I wonder how many hopeful catchers of fish saw this, said “not me,” and then joined the dozens who accidentally sacrificed their bobbers to this branchy god.

Bobbers in the branches.

Today’s been less adventurous than yesterday: green tea and omelettes for breakfast, quiet work in the morning, play in the dog park around 10, and back to work at 11. I did hear back from the library board this afternoon: they’re interested in discussing my 2D art group proposal. Hooray! I might even get to attend the next board meeting. How sweet would it be to get this off the ground?


A Promising Morning


This is quickly becoming a photo blog that features liquefied breakfasts. Not a bad direction really.

On the freelance work front, it’s been a promising morning; I may have some good news to report soon! In the meantime, I’ll mull over Io Kirkwood’s kind reading of my cards, eat leftover bagels schmeared with Ken’s homemade bacon-scallion cream cheese, and list old comic books on eBay.

Waiting for the Coffee to Kick In

Recovering from late-night partying. Sleep it out, pup.

Despite the sunshine flooding the room, everyone’s still dozing in here this morning. Traces of last night’s football watching festivities abound: crumpled fast food wrappers on the table, near empty glasses of water for guests, dog toys strewn about. Now, I’m sit at the tiny corner desk, and light snores are coming from spouse and pup alike on the other side of the room.

It’s a good time for me to get some projects done. Or, it would be. C’mon coffee, do your civic duty.

Baking Without Recipes: Bacon-flavored Sweet Potato Dog Treats

For the puppy: bacon-flavored sweet potato soft bites.Today I whipped up some dog treats for our pup, Loki, using a strategy that’s proven sometimes delicious and sometimes disastrous: baking without using a recipe. Whether out of curiosity (“I wonder what’ll happen if I add another egg…?”) or total laziness (“I don’t care how it comes out; I just want a sweet dessert-ish bread-like thing!”), it’s fun to see what happens when you combine some desired ingredients, bake at the magical 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and give it a gander after 15 minutes or so.

When baking without recipes, you sacrifice consistency (and often, success) in favor of speed and a much easier cleanup. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes, not so much. How’d it go this time?

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