A Promising Morning


This is quickly becoming a photo blog that features liquefied breakfasts. Not a bad direction really.

On the freelance work front, it’s been a promising morning; I may have some good news to report soon! In the meantime, I’ll mull over Io Kirkwood’s kind reading of my cards, eat leftover bagels schmeared with Ken’s homemade bacon-scallion cream cheese, and list old comic books on eBay.


The Hazards of Cooking (and Eating) at Home More Often

Made breakfast this morning. After pouring the coffee, I realized I had reached a new level of laziness.

We ate our egg sandwiches on plates (still have a few clean ones), cupped those bowls, drank our coffee, and watched a turkey vulture glide over the valley. All things considered, eating at home wins this round.

Baking Without Recipes: Bacon-flavored Sweet Potato Dog Treats

For the puppy: bacon-flavored sweet potato soft bites.Today I whipped up some dog treats for our pup, Loki, using a strategy that’s proven sometimes delicious and sometimes disastrous: baking without using a recipe. Whether out of curiosity (“I wonder what’ll happen if I add another egg…?”) or total laziness (“I don’t care how it comes out; I just want a sweet dessert-ish bread-like thing!”), it’s fun to see what happens when you combine some desired ingredients, bake at the magical 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and give it a gander after 15 minutes or so.

When baking without recipes, you sacrifice consistency (and often, success) in favor of speed and a much easier cleanup. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes, not so much. How’d it go this time?

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